focal fire

focal fire is an award winning Los Angeles, California based production company that creates captivating audio & visual content for a variety of needs. Maintaining both professionalism and efficiency, focal fire produces every aspect of video production in-house using the highest quality cameras, drones, audio equipment and editing software. With a sharp focus and passion for our work, we consistently develop creative solutions that push the limit.

Website and Homepage Videos

focal fire brings to motion, in high resolution, a company’s proficiencies and professional image. A modern, informative website utilizing the power of video effectively separates itself from the competition, attracting more clients. By strategically adding video content to a business’s homepage and website, the ability to communicate, inspire, and educate clients of today AND tomorrow becomes possible. Combining well thought out action shots, aerial footage, time-lapse, interviews, tutorials and more, focal fire delivers the unlimited potential of a production company into the perceptive hands of those ready to harness the most important marketing tool of the twenty first century, video.

Managed Content Packages

focal fire understands the importance of excellent production quality, yet also understands that the effectiveness of quality is considerably determined by ROI. That’s why focal fire strategically designs daily, weekly & monthly visual marketing content packages, managed and delivered online, on time. We’ve streamlined the post-production process in-house to keep costs reasonable, leaving our clients’ online presence fresh and modern with room to grow. focal fire produces customized audio/visual content to accurately serve a variety of different strategic marketing goals, maximizing time and cost effectiveness.

Video Marketing Channels

A business with an online video channel owns a direct line of communication with it’s prospective and interested clients. It creates the ability to strengthen and address the needs of existing client relationships. A video channel is an interactive audio/visual forum that promotes, engages, educates, and delivers real-time feedback. In a relative short time frame, an online video channel will cultivate a growing client base critical to future business and brand loyalty. focal fire specializes in delivering the video content and management of channel specifics for individual businesses with an eye on their future.

Strategy and Data Analytics

focal fire believes in developing both short & long-term video marketing strategies from the beginning, while maintaining the flexibility needed for new and creative solutions as they unfold. Using real-time data analytics that collect information on a variety of viewing habits per video, we tailor fit future content to specific viewer tendencies and preferences, refining desired results. focal fire constantly tests new grounds while monitoring responsive analytics. We strive to develop new and engaging techniques while continuing to improve those proven most effective.


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focal fire
culver city, ca

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