{low resolution sample footage}

focal fire’s state-of-the-art drones utilize three-axis, gyro-stabilized camera gimbals delivering amazing perspective in slick 4k resolution. As an artistic flight specialist, Focal Fire provides industry leading quality and professionalism that meet the demands of any production. focal fire takes pride in using flexibility, technical knowledge and a positive attitude to accomplish every shoot. With a vehicle for every use, both indoors and out, we always fly with safety as our number one concern. Now is the time to get your vision off the ground.

~ FAA Licensed Certified Airman Cardholder ~

~ Registered and compliant to all  FAA regulations ~

~ 24 point pre-flight check list, safety is our #1 concern ~

~ Fully insured ~

~ 4K / 3-axis / Gimbal Stabilized Cameras ~

 ~ Variety of polarization and neutral density filters for diverse flying conditions ~

~ Cutting edge editing and color grading software ~

We provide creative, effective and timely aerial services in a safe, respectful and professional manner, one positive client experience at a time. To get a better perspective, all you have to do is click right HERE!

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