focal fire believes the editing and color grading of ANY project to be considered most crucial in the production process. focal fire produces all aspects of each production in-house, INCLUDING our editing and color grading services. This streamlined approach not only saves time through the production processes, it creates a continuity in our work-flow that no other approach can offer. We shoot for the edit, we love the edit, and our vision is never disrupted by outsourcing our work to a third party post-house.

We handle your project from start to finish using our state of the art computers equipped with the industries leading editing and color grading platforms. We can meet any productions’ requirements, anytime.


focal fire knows from experience that a well thought out script and storyboard serve as foundation to every successful and effective video. Using them together is vital when developing an idea into a clear vision, maximizing efficiency and production costs. Together they serve as the blueprint for constructing any professional video.

Creating effective dialogue before the start of production ensures coverage of all key elements and aids in determining the target market for the video. Mapping out the shots and locations before breaking out the camera is an invaluable way to maximize all resources. By using storyboards we can plan the shot list order and maintain an overall artistic look and feel for the finished video from the start, eliminating any “on the fly” guess work and time wasted.

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