focal fire

Focal Fire is an award winning Los Angeles, California based production company that creates captivating audio and visual content for a variety of needs. Maintaining both professionalism and efficiency, Focal Fire produces every aspect of video production in-house using the highest quality cameras, aerial drones, audio equipment and editing software. With a sharp focus and passion for our work, we consistently develop creative solutions that push the limit.


Online video growth is exponential. Focal Fire aims to elevate your company’s identity into the globally recognized expert in delivering valuable information to prospective clients. By accumulating an arsenal of stimulating, informative and marketable video content we develop interactive relationships with consumers earlier in the decision making process and maintain relationships well beyond the point of purchase.


Effective video content provides the opportunity to create loyalty, trust, and excellent customer service. With Focal Fire’s customized content packages, we strategically produce, market and publish content daily, weekly and monthly. We’ve streamlined the post-production process in-house to keep costs reasonable, leaving our clients’ online presence fresh and modern with room to grow. 


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